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our special offers

Offer: Chevrolet Matiz for 7 days 280€. 

The oldest company of hiring cars in Piraeus, was founded in 1974 in the Coast Miaoui 81 in the same space where function and now her central offices and in 1988 it took her current legal form.

Founding member of S.E.E.A (Contact of enterprises of renting of cars) with most excellent knowledge of object began growing in her space, and helped by and the good Shipping the decades the 80 and the 90.

Did not also leave him cold-blooded the technological and social developments with correct organisation, know-how, personal acquaintances and very work it was established as serious and healthy enterprise in Piraeus and no only.

With executives, and the most excellent acquaintances of car and public relations, persons that friendlily and hotly will discuss and give solution in the correct choice of car for the needs of customer, it was established as a enterprise that corresponds completely in what the customers wants

Her growth helped also the creation of in 2003 subsidiary company in the area of passenger harbour which facilitates unimaginably all her islander guest list. Today we continue the effort that we will make very reliably for so many years, supported in the correct product, the friendly service and above all in the sincerity that distinguishes our relation with the customers. The suppliers and thE other that makes us as one healthy organization.